Turkey's Fish Specialist


We remember the day we introduced the first canned tuna fish to Turkish meal tables like it was yesterday. Since 1984 we have been meticulously cooking, canning and delivering tuna fish in Turkey. We chose our fish from the tastiest, healthiest, freshest tuna fish hunted in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Our love for the fish, we feel it also for the environment and nature that create it. To that end, we did not let any fish without Dolphin Safe certification, which is a guarantee for a fishery that does not harm dolphins, to come to your table. We made sustainability our corporate culture. Thus, at the end of many years that passed, backed by your trust and love, we have become the Fish Specialist of Turkey.

How about examining the history of Dardanel, Turkey's Fish Specialist, more closely through unforgettable photos and the most popular advertising campaigns?


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